Balance & Harmony Nourish the Soul - Manifest health, joy, peace and prosperity
 Dear Fellow Traveler, 
We are living in times of transition, some fearing the worst given the existing cut-throat competition and greed that goes on, while others deliberately choose to focus on a better world evolving - one of cooperation and community.  Whatever the view, what begs to be answered is ... what would you like to see manifested in your world? This is an important question because what we choose to focus on, is what we attract and bring into our lives.                                                                              
Let me introduce myself.                           My name is Victoria Betesh
My question is ...
Would you choose to move beyond fear, attract awesome experiences, realize your full potential, live a balanced and more fulfilled life?  If so, I'd like to help you follow your dreams and actualize your authenticity and well-being on your life's journey.
This invitation to Well-Being is addressed to YOU!
Are you feeling the urge to get on with your life and step into the creative you that you truly are, to be all that you can be, to manifest the kind of love and life that you want?
Do you desire good health, wealth, joy, peace, prosperity, satisfying relationships, a rewarding livelihood, and harmonious surroundings?
Do you want to re-invent yourself?
Do you just want to feel good?
Then, allow me to be your guide as you journey within to re-discover the truth of how awesome you truly are.
Holistic Services
for Individuals and Groups
Transformational Life Counseling
 incorporating stress management, feng shui, and
dream work

  • Access  your creativity and personal power.
  • Become an effective communicator.
  • Gain clarity, self-control and self-confidence.
  • Re-connect to your Inner Being.
  • Reclaim your health and peace-of-mind.
  • Transform self-defeating patterns of behavior.
  • Enhance and improve your relationships.
  • And more ... 
Transformational Life Counseling is an integratively-oriented holistic approach - both psychospiritual and metaphysical in nature - that allows you to understand and use your life experiences to realize your potential for being all that you already and truly are.  Learning to nurture and strengthen yourself as you travel your inner journey towards re-alignment with your Self/Soul/Spirit, fosters a state of balance for healthy functioning. 
Affirmation, imagery, visualization, meditation and other holistic   approaches to wholeness are some of the powerful practices you may choose to experience.  Incorporating them into your life can indeed help to reduce stress for better-to-optimal physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional functioning, and mindbodysoul integration.  You will learn about the power of intention, and how to work with this flow of energy - to help manifest that which you desire.
Feng Shui, is both an art and science.  It is about the energetic relationship between our inner and outer world.  Understanding how the flow of energy can interact with, influence, and affect/effect all areas of your life - such as your career, relationships, prosperity, health, creativity, and more - while also learning how to balance the flow of energy in your environment to 
maximize the blossoming of positive outcomes you'd like to happen, is a life-changing experience indeed.
Dream Work has been honored throughout the ages as a wonderful way to become aware of what is going on in our lives. This awareness provides the opportunity to choose the direction we'd like to move towards. Dreams speak to us through the language of metaphors and symbols. Together, we can explore your dreams to learn your own particular dream language in order to understand the meanings of your dreams.  Dreams can reveal solutions to ongoing problems, provide messages, insights, and so much more. Understanding your dreams is a magical avenue to travel through when seeking to transform your life in wonderful ways.  Allow me to travel with you as you explore your dreams and journey within.   
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Victoria Betesh makes no claims, promises or guarantees.  I am neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges.  You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your medical treatment and care. 
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